Transfer Athletes

Each school year, multiple student athletes transfer into the James Clemens attendance zone. Each sport has procedures in place to assist transferring families, once certain requirements are met as outlined by the Alabama High School Athletic Association. Prospective transfer athletes please refer to this letter and complete a survey that can be found here.  Here a few notes:

  1. Our coaches and parents are excited that you wish to join us. However, all inquiries and communication regarding team schedules, tryouts, participation, etc should go through the school office. Our coaches are restricted from communicating with students not enrolled at James Clemens per AHSAA guidelines in place to protect coach and student / athlete eligibility. Athletic director Jason Watts ( and 256-216-5313)  or a guidance counselor will be happy to assist you and schedule a school tour. We will work to have the teachers and coaches of the academic and athletic programs you wish to pursue available to you on the tour. Once a student athlete is registered as a student at JC, he or she can communicate directly with coaches.
  2. Registration takes place online via SchoolMint by clicking here.
  3. Student athletes and their legal custodial guardians must reside inside the James Clemens attendance zone as established by Madison City Schools to be eligible. Variances and waivers do not grant eligibility.
  4. Student athletes must meet all other eligibility requirements relating to academics to be eligible, per AHSAA rules outlined at under the link for publications and “handbook”.
  5. Student athletes transferring to JC must complete a “bona fide move” per the AHSAA to be ruled eligible, in which the previous residence is complete vacant and disposed of to use by the family, and all principal members of the family have moved into the JC school attendance zone.
  6. Joint custody can affect eligibility. Please consult with the Athletic Director for assistance.