Multiple Teams · Cross Country Twilight Race Results

Congratulations to the JAMES CLEMENS Cross Country team on their opening meet performance at Montevallo Early Bird Twilight hosted by the University of Montevallo.

Twenty schools competed in the meet with over 900 runners.

JAMES CLEMENS Program placed all 5 TEAMS in the TOP 5.

Both the Middle School and Varsity Girls brought home RUNNER UP Trophies.

The JC Boys Varsity Team beat their pre meet 4th place ranking by finishing in the Third Team spot behind Hoover and Oak Mountain.

Liz Holcomb ran in the GOLD VARSITY Division and finished 3rd OVERALL with a 20:43.



James clemens were led by ALL ELITE Sarah Shirley 22:24 OVERALL CHAMPION and ALL ELITE Sydney Freeman 23:06 RUNNER UP finisher.

The Lady Jets placed 5 girls in the top 20 runners.

other Scorers were

11th place (ALL ELITE) Kaija Sorensen 24:08

16th place  Caila Batchelor  25:00

20th place Hannah Einhorn  25:24

other finishers:

21st Emmy Mattingly  25:38

27th  Reagan Kvicala  26:02

51 Su-An Cho             27:53

62 Ragan Sanders      28:33


The VARSITY BOY JETS were led by new comer: 10th grader Matthew Hill (ALL ELITE) performance in 4th Overall with a 16:55.

Two other Varsity Boys finished in the top 25: Patrick Neely and Alex Shah.


4th place Matthew Hill      16:55 (ALL ELITE)

20th place Patrick Neely  17:57

22nd place Alex Shah      18:09

31st place Elliott Kliesner 18:38

34th place AJ Sheldrick   18:40

otherJC  finishers

41st place  Isaul Rubio Montano 19:04 PERSONAL RECORD

42nd place Tyler Gohlich            19:05 PERSONAL RECORD

43rd Joseph Holder                     19:07

50th place Garrett Nix                  19:28

55th place Kody Shively              19:42


TEAM RESULTS: MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS 3200m (168 runners in race)

James Clemens / Liberty Middle School 7th and 8th grade girls won the RUNNER UP Trophy by placing 3 girls on the ALL ELITE top 15 and 5 girls in the top 30.


They were led by 7th place  Harley Samsil 15:09 ALL ELITE and 8th place Katie Gudgen ALL ELITE out of 168 runners.

other Scorers were

15th place  Sophie Plummer 15:25 ALL ELITE

18th place  Brittain Mattingly 15:35

29th place  Amber Erwin    16:28


TEAM RESULTS: MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS 3200m (206 runners in race)

James Clemens / Liberty MS team finished in 5th place. they were led by Dylan Templet 11th place ALL ELITE performance 12:27.

other Scorers were

21st  Lee Gibson       12:47 PERSONAL RECORD

23rd  Cole Robinson 12:56 PERSONAL RECORD

33rd Luke Stovall      13:21 PERSONAL RECORD

44th Ronan Barnes    13:43 PERSONAL RECORD


other JC / LMS finishers:

49th    Alex Butler 13:49 PERSONAL RECORD

58th   David Einhorn 14:03 PERSONAL RECORD

140th Jayden Walton 15:52 PERSONAL RECORD

201   Camden Murch 20:07 PERSONAL RECORD


TEAM RESULTS: JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS 5K (168 runners in race)


22 Rajesh Patel 20:41

23 John Fluder 20:44

41 Noah Kliesner 21:11

51 Zach Williams 21:29

52 John Velez 21:30


54 Landers Clayton   21:34 PERSONAL RECORD

57 Tynan Gibson      21:41

75 Landon Rendon   22:23 PERSONAL RECORD

76 Justin Diehl         22:24

77 Jason Osborn      22:30

83 Luke Posey          22:35

90 Michael Jupin      22:49

134 Cole Alia            25:29

152 Anthony Kosinski     26:44

153 Andrew Day              26:46