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Congratulations to the James Clemens HS Girls and Boys Track Teams on their outstanding performance in the Sectional Championship Track Meet hosted by James Clemens HS. The Meet featured 50 Schools and over 1500+ athletes held on both Friday and Saturday April 27 & 28 from 8:00 am till 6:00pm. Over 100 volunteers from the James Clemens Track booster club (MACH3); officials / parents / Junior High and JV track members; James Clemens JROTC; and students worked at the meet. The Meet ran exactly on time with each event starting and finishing on schedule. The meet concluded at 5:40pm.Saturday followed by the team awards ceremony where the section runner-up and section champion team was crowned form class 3A, 4A, 5A and 7A.


Each School is allowed to enter their best three performers in each event in the section meet.

The top 5 performers from each event qualify for the State Championship.

James Clemens Girls Team won the class 7A section championship for the 5th Straight year. James Clemens Boys team finished in 3rd place.


James Clemens state meet qualifiers are as follows:


14 Girls

Audriana Blakley: 100 Hurdles; 300m Hurdles; Javelin; 4X800 (4X400)ALT                

Sylvia Cortes: 800m; 4X800

Zuri Falkner: Discus;Shot Put                                                           

Sydney Freeman: (4X800)                                                                             

Lesha Gistarb: 100 Hurdles; (4X100)

Elizabeth Holcomb: 800m; 4X800

Uriah James: (4X100m); 300m Hurdles; 400m; 4X400m

Shataeya Ligon: Triple Jump; Long Jump; 100m Hurdles 4X100m          

Ariana Martinez: Triple Jump; Shot Put; (4X100)

Ashlee Osaji: Triple Jump; Long Jump; 400m; 4X400m

Kennedy Reese: Discus; Shot Put

Vada Samuels: 4X100m; 400m; 200m; 4X400m

Rachel Seeley: 4X800; 4X400m

Aajiah Watkins: Long Jump; 200m; 4X100m

James Clemens HS: 4X100m Relay    

(Uriah James) or (Ariana Martinez), Aajiah Watkins, Shataeya Ligon, Vada Samuels                                                      

James Clemens HS: 4x400m Relay  

(Audrey Blakely), Uriah James, Ashlee Osaji, Rachel Seeley, Vada Samuels

James Clemens HS:4x800m Relay  

Liz Holcomb, Sylvia Cortes, Rachel Seeley, (Audrey Blakely)(Sydney Freeman)             


David Batista: Triple Jump  

Miguel Cortes: Javelin, 300M Hurdles, 4X100m, 4X400m                                                   

Simeon Dorsey: (4X100), (4X400)                                                                                                                 

Joseph Holder: 4X800                                                                                                                                           

Chris Hope:  4X100                                                                                                                                                    

Trevor Hunziker: Javelin

Xavier McNight: 4X100M

Avery Moore: 4X800M                                                                                                                                           

Patrick Neely: 4X800M                                                                                                                                                          

AJ Sheldrick: 4X800M

Korey Shively: 4X400M; 4X800M

Nolan Smith: 400m; 200m; 4X100m; 4X400M

Collier Robinson: High Jump; Triple Jump

James Clemens HS: 4X100M    

Nolan Smith, Xavier McKnight, Miguel Cortes, Chris Hope (Simeon Dorsey)

James Clemens HS:  4X400M

Nolan Smith, Miguel Cortes, Korey Shively, David Wheeler (Avery Moore)

James Clemens HS:  4X800M

Avery Moore, Korey Shively, Patrick Neely, Joseph Holder (AJ Sheldrick)


Medals and Scorers:


Ashlee Osaji:1st Gold Medal Long Jump 17-8.25, 1st Gold Medal Triple Jump 36-09, 1st Gold Medal 4X400 3:52.88, 2nd place 400m 56.92

Shataeya Ligon: 1st Gold Medal 100m Hurdles 15.53, 2nd Silver Medal Triple Jump 35-07, 2nd 4X100 48.22, 4th Long Jump 16-10.25

Vada Samuels: 1st  Gold Medal 400m 56.24, 1st Gold Medal 4X400 3:52.88, 3rd  Bronze Medal 100m 12.57, 3rd Bronze Medal 200m 24.87                                             

Rachel Seeley: 1st Gold Medal 4X400 3:52.88, 1st Gold Medal 800m 2:22.81, 8th 300m Hurdles 50.57                                                                                                                                      

Sylvia Cortes: 1st Gold Medal 800m 2:22.81 School Record,  2nd Silver Medal 4X800 10:06.40

Uriah James:1st Gold Medal 300m 46.15, 1st Gold Medal 4X400 3:52.88, 3rd Bronze Medal 40m 58.50

Zuri Falkner: 1st Gold Medal Discus 130-03, 3rd Bronze Medal Shot Put 39-05.25

Audriana Blakely:2nd Silver Medal Javelin 102-07, 2nd Silver Medal 300m Hurdles 46.34, 3rd Bronze Medal 100m Hurdles 16.48  

Aaijah Watkins: 2nd Silver Medal Long Jump 17-03.25, 2nd Silver Medal 4X100 48.22, 7th 200m 26.82

Elizabeth Holcomb: 2nd Silver Medal 4X800 10:06.40, 6th 800m 2:25.62

Lesha Gistarb:2nd Silver Medal 100m Hurdles 15.65

Sydney Freeman: 2nd Silver Medal 4X800 10:06.40, 6th 800m 2:25.62

Ariana Martinez-Kilgore: 4th Triple Jump 34-10.50, 8th Shot Put 32-04.25

Keenedy Reese: 4th Shot Put 38-06, 8th Discus 93-06



Nolan Smith: 1st Gold Medal 400m 48.97, 1st Gold Medal 4X400 3:27.67, 2nd Silver Medal 200m 22.38, 4th 4X100 43.10

Miguel Cortes: 1st Gold Medal Javelin 161-04, 1st Gold Medal 4X400 3:27.67, 4th 4X100 43.10, 5th 300m Hurdles 42.67

Collier Robinson: 2nd Silver Medal High Jump 6-04, 4th Triple Jump 41-06

David Batista: 2nd Silver Medal Triple Jump 43-02.75 School Record

Trevor Hunziker: 2nd Silver 151-00, 7th Discus 116-09, Shot Put 7th 39-08.5

Chris Hope: 4th 4X100 43.10

Xavier McKnight: 4th 4X100 43.10

Korey Shively: 4th 4X800 8:37.79

Joseph Holder:4th 4X800 8:37.79

Patrick Neely: 4th 4X800 8:37.79

AJ Sheldrick: 4th 4X800 8:37.79