Multiple Teams · Cross Country State Qualifiers

Congratulations to James Clemens Girls Cross Country Team on claiming the Third Place trophy in the Section Meet and qualifying to the State Championship.


The Class 7A Section 4 meet was held at John Hunt running Park in Huntsville Alabama on Thursday, November 2, 2017.

The 8 schools in Class 7A Section 41 that competed:

Bob Jones, Buckhorn, Gadsden City, Grissom, Hewitt-Trussville, Huntsville, James Clemens, Sparkman


The top 3 teams in Section Meet qualify for the State Meet, and the top 6 individuals not on a qualifying team.


Girls State Qualifying Teams Section 4 Class 7A

  1. Huntsville 18 (Ranked #2 in State 7A)
  2. Hewitt Trussville 74 (Ranked #6 in State 7A)
  3. James Clemens 87 (Ranked #7 in State 7A)


The 10 girls that will represent James Clemens at the State Meet:

All Section Team 10th place Elizabeth Holcomb season best time 20:03

All Section Team 13th place Jenna Shereyk 20:36

Senior Samantha Burns season best time 21:00

8th grader Nikki Lipski 21:29

Hollie Shereyk 21:31

8th grader Sydney Freeman 21:33

Sarah Shirley 22:02

Reagan Kvicala 22:14

Emmy Mattingly 22:57

Sabel Mattingly 23:47


Girls Individual qualifiers to State:

Janey McManus Grissom  19:13

Kaylee Stewart Sparkman 19:56

Sarah Lewis Grissom         20:20

Jessica Dodson Buckhorn 20:38

Hannah Thuss Bob Jones  20:53

Catherine Clements Gadsden City 21:04


Boys State Qualifying Teams Section 4 Class 7A

  1. Huntsville 23 (Ranked #1 in State 7A)
  2. Grissom 62 (Ranked #4 in State 7A)
  3. Hewitt Trussville 82 (Ranked #5 in State 7A)


Boys Individual qualifiers to State:

Jean Pierre Leroux Bob Jones 16:22

Jonah Morris      Gadsden City 16:57

Brian Morton           Bob Jones 17:08

Shafi Muhammad    Bob Jones 17:15

Bradly Spindle        Bob Jones 17:16

AJ Sheldrick   James Clemens 17:20 PERSONAL RECORD


Other James Clemens Runners:

25 Alex Shah JR James Clemens          17:30.59

30 Patrick Neely JR James Clemens     17:43.13

35 Elliott Kliesner SO James Clemens  17:55.45

38 Cannon Kvicala SR James Clemens 17:59.43

42 Garrett Nix SO James Clemens         18:22.26

51 Laith Qushair JR James Clemens     19:02.54 41

52 Samuel Blades SR James Clemens  19:04.34


The State Championship will be held at Moulton – Oakville Indian Mounds Park on Saturday, November 11, 2017.


8:30 6A Girls

8:50 1A-2A Boys

9:10 5A Girls

9:30 6A Boys

9:50 1A-2A Girls

10:10 5A Boys

10:15 6A Awards

10:30 7A Girls

10:45 1A-2A Awards

10:50 4A Boys

11:10 3A Girls

11:15 5A Awards

11:30 7A Boys

11:50 4A Girls

12:10 3A Boys

12:30 3A-4A-7A Awards


State Meet Awards:

(a) Trophies for winner and runner-up teams in each division (b) Medals for first 15 places in each division


For more info:

Coach Drew Bell 205-533-0636